“Polytechnics” Ltd, established 1991 in Pleven, Bulgaria, is specialized in technical engineering of thermo energetic devices and heat technology. Recently the company has two offices in Pleven and Russe, shop for heat technical equipment, production and storage department in Dolni Dabnik.

We are part of the world society for green energy.


Head office:

  • Address: BG-5800 Pleven , P.O.Box 468
  • Tel/Fax: +359 64 800347
  • Mobile: +359 888 511385
  • Facility: +359 6514 2232
Project bureau:
  • Address: BG-7015 Rousse , P.O.Box 9
  • Tel/Fax: +359 82 826858
  • Mobile: +359 888 597416
For more information email us at polytechnics@abv.bg

Energy effective services

The company is certificated according to the Bulgarian legislation for auditing companies and buildings for effective energy usage, preparing reports and recommending measures for reducing energy consumption. This certificates are valid for all the countries of Europe.

The company also offers solutions for utilizing waste heat for production of electricity (flue heat, waste hot water, geothermal waters, sun heated water).

Erection, reconstruction and maintenance of thermo energetic installations

The company has the certificate, according to Bulgarian legislation, for executing maintenance and repair of: distribution piping, gas piping and installations, steam and water heating boilers, steam and hot water piping.

Utilizing renewable energy sources

The company offers solutions for utilizing renewable energy sources (wood and wooden waste, straw, husk) for production of thermal and electrical energy, produces, delivers and commissioning the installations.

Offers solutions for electric power production from waste heat.

PLC control of combustion installation on biomass.

Sanitation of building fund

The company evaluates the energy effectiveness of buildings offers solutions for reduction of energy consumption, prepares “energy passport” of the building and certificate it, if energy parameters are within norms.


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